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QUIZ! Which Beverly Hills Housewife Are You?

QUIZ! Which Beverly Hills Housewife Are You?

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Kim, Kyle, Lisa, Adrienne, Camille, or Taylor? Which Lovely 90210 Lady are you Most like?

The ladies of Beverly Hills are fun, fabulous, and love to flaunt their lifestyles of luxury. Despite their larger than life personas, these six ladies are very much like you and me. Are you a fun loving, free-spirit like Kim Richards? Or are you responsible and witty like her younger sister Kyle Richards? Do you always make your friends laugh like funny girl Lisa Vanderpump? Or are you all about business like Adrienne Maloof? How far would you go to lead a life a luxury? Are you constantly chasing down bigger and better things like Taylor Armstrong? Take this quiz to find out which Beverly Hills Housewife you are most like!
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