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Dakini Dance

Оригинал взят у mayamandala в Dakini Dance
Dakini Dance is the sacred ritual dance that is performed by Maya.

047-1 - копия

Do you see my dance, primordial blue flower blossom?
Are Mara deamons to measure their strength with this sign?
All the creation is joyful feast of Dakini,
Of the She who can play both in crying and laughing.

012-1 - копия

This play has coloured the radiant dream of being,
This time is now, and there is no before and after...
Veil of the rainbow is hugging my naked shoulders,
Therefore the Space doesn't need any clothes.

151-1 - копия
Thousads spheres are the gift to the very basis,
Taste of the silence, a haze of red grapes in ripeness...
Tinkling of bells, splashing of fire, and there is
Me and my dance, with the feet trampling on aerial fetters.

109-1 - копия

poetry by Eugenia Zharkova,
translation by Paulina,
photos by Katya Rada Violetka,
Maya Mandala performing

And here are some links where you can read about Dakini 

(texts are in Russian)

Tags: ведический мир, медитация, танец, танцовщицы, тренинги

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