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Tony Gilroy in final negotiations to direct 'Bourne Identity 4'

Tony Gilroy in final negotiations to direct 'Bourne Identity 4'

Bourne Identity 4 has a director — but will it get its star? Tony Gilroy, the screenwriter behind all of the Bourne movies will get a shot a directing the fourth installment with the news today that he’s in final negotiations to helm the fourth installment in the Bourne franchise, The Bourne Legacy. Deadline Hollywood first broke the news. How this will manifest itself on the big screen is still a big question. Star Matt Damon has made it very clear that he would not return to the franchise that made him a household name without his preferred director Paul Greengrass.
Now that Greengrass is officially not doing the fourth installment, it’s likely Universal will be looking for a new Jason Bourne. Gilroy, who made his directorial debut with last summer’s Duplicity, is currently writing the script, which has been moving forward without Damon’s involvement. Whether or not that means Gilroy will be rebooting the franchise with another actor playing Bourne — or if he will introduce a new main character — is being kept under wraps. But it is encouraging that the man who turned Robert Ludlum’s dense books into high-speed actioners will be behind the camera as the series redefines itself.
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