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Sharpton Disputes $ 538 000 (£ 358 670) Tax Bill Reports

Sharpton Disputes $538,000 Tax Bill Reports

41 minutes ago

Top civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton has played down reports he's been hit with a $538,000 (£358,670) tax lien from U.S. officials, insisting he was granted an extension to pay off his debts earlier this year.

Sharpton is accused of owing an estimated $538,652 to America's Internal Revenue Service (IRS), according to the Detroit News.

But he is disputing the accuracy of the reported lien, claiming he was granted an extension until 15 October to file his 2009 tax return, and the IRS can't yet determine what he might owe without knowing his income and deductions.

Brushing off the claims, he says, "I'm going to file and pay in full."

It's not Sharpton's first reported troubles with the IRS. He reached an agreement with officials to settle tax woes in 2008, but insisted that lien was filed as a "precautionary" measure. »

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