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архив: World Wisdom Council. Declaration of Tokyo

World Wisdom Council
Declaration of Tokyo
We, the Members of the World Wisdom Council, building on our Declarations of Budapest and Hanover in advancing our mission and fulfilling our mandate, find that

WHEREAS, humanity now faces an unprecedented opportunity for dialogue, worldwide understanding and renewal since global crises, accelerating dysfunctional trends and patterns in all aspects of life threaten our sustainability and very existence on this planet;

That these diverse trends and patterns have reached a dangerous tipping point that may precipitate in the coming years a catastrophic collapse and implosion of our economic, political, social, ecological, and cultural structures and institutions;

That the crises catalyzed by these trends and patterns are systemically inter-connected and are the cumulative effect of chronically dysfunctional ways of thinking, outdated values, and obsolete beliefs that have dominated human life for the past several generations;

That humankind's collective wisdom through the ages makes clear that the kind of world we live in is a direct consequence of our mentality and so that to truly change our world we must transform the dominant mentality of the current civilization;

That, accordingly, the diverse crises we now face are at their core a crisis of consciousness, and thus the most powerful and effective way to transform the still dominant civilization is to address and redress the root causes, creating a timely transformation of the mentalities and patterns of consciousness that produced it;

That, further, the creative forces of human wisdom and vision have also been at work in the life of people across the planet and have been the primary engine of important advances in evolving the human condition, in particular of advancing the ethical values, spirituality, and political, social, economic, scientific, artistic, technological, educational and other innovations that serve the betterment of humanity;

And that, in consequence, the creative consciousness-evolving forces throughout our social and cultural development exercise a cumulative effect in countering the destructive mentalities and forms of consciousness that have brought us to the current critical point, and bring humanity to the threshold of a great planetary awakening;

That, finally, in light of the realization that nothing less than the positive transformational forces in our culture can stem the tide of the destructive trends and patterns of the dominant civilization and get to the root causes of the economic, social and ecological crises that now threaten human well-being, prosperity, and survival --


That we shall henceforth make it our highest priority to do all in our power to activate and ignite the imminent, and rapidly emerging evolved consciousness in the life of the people on a planetary scale, so as to facilitate and accelerate the blossoming of a higher form of civilization that embodies the global wisdom of humankind, in order that generations now living may bring forth a world in which the entire human family may flourish in harmony with all of nature on this precious planet;

That, to this end, we shall concentrate our efforts in building powerful and sustainable networks, co-creative partnerships, seeking to activate and draw together in common cause the vast and growing diversity of initiatives now working around the planet to bring forth a newly awakened peaceful and sustainable civilization;

That the above resolutions are to focus on calling forth a critical mass of awakened global citizens, building a global community of empowered people, tapping the enormous potential of our Youth, of Women, and people of all ages who recognize the unprecedented global crisis and opportunity we now face, and are ready through their awakened and empowered consciousness to take personal responsibility for their own thinking, their own values and mentality, making mindful choices in confronting and transforming the currently threatening unsustainable trends originating from obsolete forms of thinking, values, and consciousness;

And, as a highest urgency, to use the mass media, the power of the Internet and the digital multimedia, as well as all appropriate forms of communication to build a global network of solidarity so as to co-create a critical mass of awakened citizens and activate the creative resonant energy of mass consciousness that is essential to overcome the inertia of complacency, fear and paralyzing pessimism and turn the course of humanity toward a new planetary civilization as a concrete, living reality;

With this objective in mind, today, in Tokyo as we launch a partnership aimed at creating a new planetary civilization, we resolve to focus our energies on developing the Wisdom-in-Action, a tangible, comprehensive strategic plan of action, to help ignite an emergent critical mass of awakened global citizens.


Developing this strategic plan is our primary goal as we prepare to meet in Arosa, Switzerland in January of 2006 at the invitation of the Club of Budapest and the World Commission on Global Consciousness, hosted by the World Spirit Forum. We invite all concerned citizens to join us in this common cause.

Signed: Members of the World Wisdom Council, Tokyo, November 11, 2005
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