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Anyone reading this book will reap the benefits of their life lessons.

· How do they feel, talk, and behave?
· What drives them to make a difference?
· What attitudes characterize their quest to actualize their highest goals?

In this period of extreme and rapid changes to the business arena, mainly due to technological advances and new digital tools such as social media's and other similar applications, Dr. Hall's book is extremely useful for leaders, managers, start-ups and for everyone else involved in leading-managing companies.

Book Description:

Publication Date: November 1, 2009, Michael Hall

Unleasing Leadership: Self-Actualizing Leaders and Companies

This volume uncovers the missing frame for unleashing the leadership and creativity based on the pioneering work of Abraham Maslow. You will learn how to create a great company where people are at their best, their potentials are being unleashed, and where people experience work as a passion. The new framework explained here makes explicit the premises about human nature--the self-actualizing drive that enables people to rise to their best. Unleashing Leadership is cutting-edge psychology for organizations who want to become effective, productive, and more humane.

This is a timely opportunity to explore the human side of leadership in fitting many known jigsaw pieces of our knowledge on leadership into Maslow's self-actualizing frame. A practical resource for leaders as well as their coaches. --Dr. Yvonne Sum, Sydney, Australia
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