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Academy of Kindness monuments+1

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The Academy of Kindness, International erects monuments worldwide dedicated to “kindness”, The monument in itself is a representation of the most common herb that can be found all around the globe, the “dandelion”. Hence it’s name the “Dandelion monument”. We hope everyone will recognize readily the “fast spreading” nature of the plant and see how we would like it applied to kindness. As the plant spreads its seeds to vast distances, the monument reminds us of the invisible rays of kindness that should link all people in a network flowing all around the globe, a network of friendship and understanding.

This monument symbolizes the fragility of friendship love and kindness. Each branch is topped by a hand saying « hello » and in the middle of each hand, an eye that one could see as an open and kind hart. The base of the monument is shaped as leaves looking like open lips, perhaps to remind us the kisses from which love begins. Seven (7) monuments are now erected as of the summer 2009, and we expect several others to be erected soon in Europe and in Asia. America and Africa are still trailing behind with no monuments yet!

2011: 12 + 1 ...

Tags: art changing life, grigory pototsky, kindness, positive, Академия Доброты, Григорий Потоцкий, добровольцы, доброта, любовь, мир, одуванчик, памятник, планета земля, позитив!
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