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Originally posted by narniacmr at special thank-you post
In honor of twenty rounds here at [info]twi20in20 I would like to recognize the people that have participated the most! These are the top ten participants: [info]dark_x_huntress, [info]lady_kingsley, [info]setentpet, [info]how_we_fade, [info]nienna674, [info]mayfrayn, [info]onlyalive8, [info]ren1306, [info]fire_sister, and [info]das_mervin. (in order from 16-9 entries. If I have miss counted and you have entered that many times let me know ;))

[info]dark_x_huntress and [info]lady_kingsley: I would like to say a special thank-you to you both for entering 16 out of 20 rounds!!!

The people that enter each round is what makes this comm what it is and I hope that you all keep participating :)

special banners under the cut )

Tags: film, film industry, movie, movie premiere_, афиша, благодарность, блогосфера, кино, обложка
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