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Golden Age Of Dutch Painting, >6 june 2011 Museum of Islamic Art,Dohu / mutualart

This exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art gives an impression of the Golden Age of the Netherlands, an extraordinarily fruitful period. A selection of forty-fourmasterpieces from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam transports you to the Dutch Republic of the seventeenth century. To the flat, water-dominated landscape with its windmills and meadows with cattle grazing, and to the typical towns with their black-dressed men, their neat, clean housewives and their friendly fishmongers – subjects captured with a skillful brush and a wonderful feeling for detail by the artists in this exhibition. This is Dutch painting at its finest.

Dutch art of the seventeenth century is world-renowned. Exhibitions of these paintings draw large numbers of visitors, and works by artists like Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer are among the highlights of manymuseum collections. And there are very good reasons for this. The exceptional quality of the art of this Golden Age, the unprecedented scale of the artistic output and its entirely individual character are unique in history.

Пришло вот такое письмо,если выйдет сам съезжу на выставку в г.Doha _Катар,рядом с Бахрейном
или порекомендую друзьям.Благодарю

здание музея The Museum of Islamic Art * фото 27 окт.2010

Henry Moore - Head of Girl I and Head of Girl II to be sold at Bonhams & Butterfields, Los Angeles, May 22, 2011

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